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Behind The Scenes

Vandercom has been built with passion, entrepreneurial spirit & commercial flair. We are one of the UK’s leading providers of Telecommunications & Managed IT Solutions.

Committed to keeping pace with revolutions in the industry, constantly growing year on year, our success is down to an innovative, technology driven & customer focused workforce. Fuelled by organic growth, Vandercom’s financial standing reflects that of a stable, prospering business.

Working with major UK suppliers we deliver an unparalleled personal service, architecting new ways to give our customers the competitive advantage. Vandercom has a history of managing successful projects from small businesses to large organisations.

Vandercom believes in the power of technology to improve our work & quality of life. It can help save our environment and create a better life for future generations.

The Vandercom Approach is to promote green technologies that reduce pollution & improve our own environmental efficiency.

We are not environmental experts - our greatest contribution to the environment is to deliver a communication experience to businesses that will reduce their carbon footprint whilst saving them money, time and increasing their productivity. Our Video Conferencing solutions really show how every business can help the environment, making it preferable to travel and affordable enough for mainstream implementation.

We will continue to present methods of advancement to shrink our CO2 emissions and those of our customers, to conserve resources and harmful discharge resulting from unnecessary business travel.

Vandercom operates a virtual office, having employees and co-workers working from home by taking advantage of the technological tools at our disposal. This saves travel, improves work/life balance, increases productivity and helps to reduce office space.

Real environmental change can only happen when businesses and individuals become more aware. That is why we expound green technologies to see the environmental benefits multiply.